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Teeth Whitening Products

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Deluxe Teeth Whitening Kit $99

The kit is perfect for as a stand-alone home whitening treatment or as a follow-up to a laser teeth whitening treatment.

The Best Gel Ever

Our carbamide peroxide gel is made in the USA with the finest quality ingredients including kosher, GMO-free, vegan glycerin and all-natural flavoring. Our gels are made fresh every week and are good for well over a year from the date of purchase. There is no need to refrigerate the gel, just store it out of sunlight and at room temperature.

Little to No Tooth Sensitivity or Irritation

Benefits to Tooth Enamel


10mL 36% Carbamide Peroxide Teeth Whitening Gel
3mL Remineralizing Gel (USA orders only)
Boil-n-Bite Custom-Fit Mouth Trays
Mouth Tray Storage Case
Blue LED Accelerator Light
Plush Blue Zipper Travel Case


Minerals Enamel Booster $25

Minerals Enamel Booster does not whiten teeth, however, it can help to keep a smile white. It seals and strengthens tooth enamel and helps to alleviate minor tooth sensitivity.

Research shows that remineralizing gel increases the micro-hardness of bleached tooth enamel – which is a GOOD thing! This makes the teeth stronger and more resistant to abrasion and stains.

Things like eating, drinking acidic or sugary drinks, and teeth whitening can temporarily soften tooth enamel. Saliva eventually restores the hardness of tooth enamel after these activities but Minerals Enamel Booster accelerates and enhances the natural hardening process, significantly.


Forever White Teeth Whitening Pen $29

Forever White™ is the #1 selling whitening pen in the industry

  • Little to No Tooth Sensitivity or Irritation

  • Perfect for Touch-Ups or On-the-Go Whitening

  • Elegant Satin Finish

  • Fits in Pocket or Purse

  • Made in the USA

  • No Need to Refrigerate

  • Dentist Approved and Recommended